Saturday, September 13, 2008

#18 Star Wars

This week is the week of The Force Unleashed, and as much as I swear that I'll never be able to muster enthusiasm for anything Star Wars after the prequels and that god-awful Clone Wars movie-advertisement (new one, not Genndy's -- that was amazing), I find myself counting the days to Tuesday when I get to force-push stormtroopers through blast-doors and fling Tie-Fighters down onto platoons of rebel scum (soooooo many hyphens with Star Wars... gee whiz).

Thus the topic this week will be Star Wars.  Draw whatever you want.  And I'm going to do one of those "post damn you" guilt trip things again, because honestly anything you throw up here will be better than what's come out of Lucasfilm in the past 10 years.  Take back the night, kiddos.

I had to give it another go. I tried to see how many things I could draw from the original trilogy without looking up pictures. I can actually remember more than I can draw. Emily

Yay star wars! I feel like I can do better than this. My spaceship drawing ability has really dropped off since high school though! It's so sad! The more I look at this, the less I like it. Hrm - Emily

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

#17 Organ Grinders

That's all.

I wanted to color it but didn't have time. Where are the flying organs coming from? Who knows! - Emily

I've been drawing lots of lonely old men with pet monkeys since I posted this topic, but this one is way more fun.


Ok, here's one. I hate the scanner in the lab. It makes colors all wonky. I also put up some gangsters. I draw too many zombies for school to actually do that one any time soon.