Thursday, April 17, 2008

#9 Pregnant Mermaids

Chew on that one for a while, Emily. This is what you get for not coming into the lab.


Here is my pregnant merMAN. Yeah, that's right. I went there. I mean, think about it, male seahorses get pregnant, so who's to say mermaids aren't the same way?
I just now realized that it's kind of a mirror of Carder's drawing. Oops. Not intentional, I swear.

Well, here she is. I don't imagine being a pregnant mermaid is always a happy time. This is just a sketch I did from boredom. Maybe I'll clean it up later? Who knows.

Here's my pregnant mermaid. She's currently experiencing pregnancy cravings and hungry as hell so bear with her. I just cranked this out and may or may not clean it up, but I figure I ought to post before Victor gets mad at me again.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

#8 Gnarly Witches

I know everybody's busy right now, but come on, two measly posts last week? Actually, you're all probably just smarter than me, and would rather use your spare time to eat or sleep. Me, well, I like having something to procrastinate with, and this blog works like gangbusters in that regard.

But two posts?

It's not like the drawings need to be New Yorker covers for heaven's sake. Throw up a sketch. Four sketches. A thumbnail. I don't care. Did you doodle on your napkin at lunch? Post it! After all, it's about having fun and building the visual vocabulary, right?

Really, I just like looking at drawings and it was nice to have a reliable place to look every week.

Anyhow, I'm giving us an easy one this week to try and lure everybody back (and entice the noobs to actually post).

P.S. I love you.


I can't wait to post a pregnant mermaid....BUT, first my gnarly witch. And boy is she a gnarly one. I think she hates everything about life, especially whoever she's looking at. And her cat's not too pleased either. Oh, and look at the last post, too, cause I finally added something.


Sup. Here's a witch.

Well I couldn't just go and not post after that huge long rant, right? This is something I drew really quick tonight/this morning because I felt guilty for not having posted anything yet. Truth is, I thought I was going to be all smart and clever and post surfing witches too, but then Emily had to go and Bogart my brain and stuff... anyway. Here's a witch. She's not particularly gnarled, or gnarly, but I bet she doesn't smell that great regardless.

LOOK GUYS, I'M POSTING. It's my gnarly witch. My drapery-drawing skills are sub-par :( Aaaand I'm not exactly sure what's going on with the tree...thing. WHATEVER AHHH I did a drawing!

Here is my gnarly witch. I didn't really bother to clean it up at all, so you'll all have to deal. She's beautiful. I think that for an old lady, she has very nice breasts. I'd like to color this some day if I have time :D. -Shawn

I know you probably meant gnarly as in gnarled, but I just thought of gnarly surfers. - Emily

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#7 She rarely moved...

Let's try something new. Here's a quote to work with:
"She rarely moved unless the handle turned. Then she struck like lightning."
I'll tell you where it's from later - it could mess with creativity.

Yeah, yeah, this is super late....but at least I POSTED!!!! So I took this quote quite literally. When the handle turns (or the lever that operates a carnival ride is pulled), this crazy Greek goddess animatronic WILL strike with actual lightning. Or rather, cheap sheets of metal that are cut-out like lightning bolts. But this lame carny ride has seen better days, so now she rarely moves. Get it??


Here is my interpretation of this quote! It took me awhile to actually think of something for this one. Also: I cannot draw guns. See, I posted! It just takes me awhile. I ride the posting short bus. -Shawn

I tried something new-ish. I may have just cheated and put a bunch of textures on, dunno if they're overdone. I'm still trying to figure out all this color stuff. -Emily

Arg. I blame this on being sick right now. I don't really think this is communicating as much as it could. I need to get better at pushing things further. It's just a little safe and boring to me... but it's cute. Sort of. I don't do cute that often.