Sunday, March 16, 2008

#6 B-Movie Victims

Hey so this is Carder totally bogarting this post from Emily. Anyway, after a lot of deliberation and B-movie watching, Victor and I came up with "B-movie victims" as the next topic. You better freaking post this time. I'm looking at you Andrew, Lauren, and Shawn!

I'm double posting a week late because I was ashamed, and though the girl here totally underwhelms me, I think this one is generally stronger than my previous post. Plus I'm going to see Piranha tonight at the New Beverly, a place I regret not spending more of my undergraduate life at.

Late late late. That's what this is. As Andrew said, it's film/portfolio time. I feel the complete opposite way though, and am incredibly stressed out and therefore have very little time to spend fine tuning drawings (unless they will go in the portfolio) and, well, this one isn't. I'm still not happy with it. It's the 3rd iteration of a better idea, and that just kind of disheartens me. Anyhow, I owe it to the blog to keep it rolling, so here it is.

I'm glad this topic came up right around the same time as portfolio craziness. Do you guys think this is portfolio worthy (definitely click to enlarge)? My B-Movie victim is no victim at all. She doesn't take shit from any man in a cheap robot costume!!


Ok, I'm actually not quite sure what's going on here. Were they chased here by the monster and fell down? Were they making out on the floor and got interrupted by the monster? Where did her shoes go? - Emily

I guess I'm going first. This is my drawing, I guess. I tried to ink and color it, but I suck, so I just left it as a sketch.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

#5 Hipsters

Mostly because I keep drawing hipsters all of a sudden. They're so silly.

HOLD UP!! I have drawn hipsters, and they are tragically hip. I imagine hipsters to be completely indifferent, rail thin and wearing ironic clothes. This girl's never been to Mexico, but she still has a touristy Mexican poncho. Cause, like, you know....


I'm late, but here ya go. I only know hipsters in terms of stupidly dressed girls, but I put a scuzzy looking guy in the background too. This picture basically has every clothing thing that annoys the hell out of me including shapeless shirts, high-waisted pants, and giant sunglasses. I suppose they're actually just fashion victims, but they're hipsters to me. Also, I never get to make Your Mom jokes, so I included one. And I'm standing on a box because I couldn't match the eye lines otherwise.

Funny you mention PBR, Victor. Mine's drinking one. - Emily

This is my attempt at hipsters. This isn't my first go, but I was, like, inspired or whatever by Victor's, so I drew better ones. Sorry for the crappy scan. You can blame my scanner for that one. Not me. Anyway, these two are too cool for school and most hipsters. You might think I stole the headband from Victor's hipster, but in fact, that's the style. Catch you on the flip side, dudes.
- Carder

This guy is by no means the most offensive hipster you'll ever run across (I might have to double post later on...). He'll still bike to Little Joy and drink PBR (fool doesn't even realize Schlitz is cheaper) all night while talking trash on the DJ for not having the new Mika Miko 7".


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Topic...what like 4 or something? Furries.

Okay I'm Carder and I'm posting because Emily is lazy or in the lab or dead or whatever. This week's topic is a staple in animajor topics of discussion: Furries.

On a personal note: I don't want to have any mental anguish over this topic, so don't do anything too sexual. Plus I would judge you...hard.

As I told you, I only draw adorable or semi-adorable things. Thus my furry is adorable too. She may eat the mouse.

I already regret drawing this. She's an overly-sexual-cat-woman-furry-thing. All I can say is: you asked for it! She looks like a cross between that girl from "LA Ink" and Ethel Mertz from "I Love Lucy"....oh, and a cat. Now that I'm fully disturbed, I'm gonna pack up and head off to Bua, who will undoubtedly never look at me in the same way after seeing this in my sketchbook.


I sort of imagine that real animals look at furries like a soldier looks at the guy who wears camouflage on Neighborhood watch patrol. - Emily

Victor here. The scanner blew this one out a bunch. Oh well. I just procrastinated big time by drawing this damn thing.

"Jeremy's love for verisimilitude often went unappreciated at the bi-monthly Furry Party."

Me and furries have a past, I'm sorry to say. So I decided to make something totally horrible (and as always, I apologize for the quality of my scan):

It's a Chihuahua whore. I wanted to do something with an ugly dog, and there you have it. I was going to maybe use a bulldog or St. Bernard but whatevs.

Okay so I'm the first to post again. I guess the topic was too thrilling for me not to do instantly. The bad thing about this is that I decided to try out lineless art for the first time, and I'm not sure it went very well. Oh well. Practice and crap.

His name is Merv, and he is a furry.