Friday, May 30, 2008

#11ish CARDER

Everybody! Start watching the Aliens topic below! Warning: This isn't the new topic anymore! (But you can still post, it just won't have the hilarious Carder-has-no-idea aspect.) -Shawn

Thanks for all the help and the graduation pictures of us Carder! It's your turn - we made a stealth topic!

Here's my version of Carder. When I thought of how I would draw him this pose came into mind instantly...don't know just did. Also...I put him in the hipster sweater that shawn loves oh-so much as well. I think the proportions might be a bit off on this one...and he kinda ended up exuding the aura of a Bishounen from some Yaoi manga (sorry Carder) hahaha...oh well.     ~Kyle

And just for fun...and cause I wanted to draw something's Carder in chibi form as well. Don't ask me why he's holding up his finger...I don't know myself, my hand just drew it and I went with it...I like it though.  =P     ~Kyle

Honestly, I was just going to draw a picture of a duck and call it a day, but then I figured I should put in more effort. Here's my version of Carder. Enjoy!
- Bryan

All of these are so amazing, you guys. Drawing your friends retardedly is THE BEST!!
My version of Carder looks a little girly but that's okay. Not as much as Andrew's ;D. Thanks a lot, guys, you pressured me into wanting to do color too, so I did a rushed coloring job.

It's Carder....the World's Greatest Soccer Mom!!! Observe how well he multi-tasks. Man, I wish Carder was my soccer mom from the 90s.

In other news, these gel pens are fun! You guys should try them.

In OTHER other news: Carder, I wanna see my caricature!!


If only the others knew what I know...

P.S. Awesome likeness, Lauren.
*errrr... Shawn. What's up with the Lauren drawing? Believe it or not, that comment didn't sit well with me at all after I wrote it, so I've been neurotically checking back for somebody to correct me ever since. Wooo!!! By the by, Carder is playing video games on my couch right now and has no idea about any of this yet. Heh heh...

It's Shawn! Not Lauren. Damn, I should've signed my name earlier. -Shawn

This is a picture of Carder in my favorite Carder-hipster-sweater. I was thinking about adding a unicorn or some rainbows in the background to spice things up :D. -Shawn

Perhaps what he'll look like post-senior thesis? When I first drew him, it looked like the child of Lauren and Carder. -Emily

Thursday, May 29, 2008

#10 Aliens (Like, the movie kind)

Okay, this week's topic was my idea, and it's Aliens. The kind from the Aliens films.

To explain this choice, I need to get on my soap box. Well okay first I wanted to do this because I watched Aliens and Alien 3 this week, and I've been aching to draw them but never had the motivation. That's not my speech. This is my speech:

I anticipate that this topic will be kind of unpopular for some reasons, but I thought I would choose this as a topic because the aliens are hard and scary. They're really intricate designs, and they're so far from what any of us ever draw that I don't think any of us are going to be totally comfortable with them. Maybe Victor's drawn them a few times. Anyway, I think part of the reason we should do this blog is to have topics that make us uncomfortable and push our boundaries. That's the only way we grow. The challenge is to take the topic and make it uniquely you, and that process helps with creativity. I know I'm definitely in a rut with my style, and I want to break out of it. Stuff like this is only going to help.

I've totally forgotten what else I had to say about this. Just trust me that I had a long-winded speech to type out and lovingly lecture you guys with. I'm going to step down now.

On a more positive note, Emily and I want to gather everyone and do that drawing exercise that we did in ideation where you take turns drawing the same character. Sound like a plan? Great. [Edit from Emily] I was actually talking about this game - but I loved that game from Christine too. We could play TWO games!

And now I return you to this week's topic, Aliens. From the movies. With Sigourney Weaver.

So I finally saw Alien, and thus, was inspired to actually do this topic! The chest-bursting scene was probably one of the most cringe-worthy things I've ever witnessed in a movie. So what did I do? Draw it to make fun of it! Yeah! And I'm also on kind of a lineless drawing kick.

Okay, so I know I'm really late and it's not even really done yet, but I figure I better post something sooner than later... :/ maybe i'll post the finished version later. Please tell me what you guys think ~ Bryan

Hey everybody, guess who's here? I know I'm late to the party, but at least I showed up. I present to you my favorite stage of the Alien life cycle, and one of my worst nightmares:

Here's my Alien...and my first ever contribution to this blog (I'm gonna try to better about posting here).

Anyways...I actually had fun with this and thought it came out pretty nicely despite the fact that it isn't colored...but I am still lacking a tablet (which I hope to remedy soon) so sketches are all you guys are gonna get from me until then. Regardless, I didn't want to go all cartoony and decided to go for a more illustrative/graphic novel/conceptual art feel. I kinda got lazy with the detail on the tail but it has a nice feel to it, and I might have made up some of the carapace on the Alien's leg or elsewhere...but whatevs, it still works...I hope. ~Kyle

I didn't like my first one. So, here's another -Emily

This turned out way better than I figured it would. It's one big cheat to hide my inferior Alien, but I like it. This sure was hard. I drew Sigourney Weaver in there because I felt I should recognize that she has an underwear scene in every film. She's shaving her head because Alien 3 is the only one I've seen more than once. That's probably not good. -Carder

I dunno. I couldn't beat Shawn's for hilarity, that's for sure - I went the fanart direction. :P -Emily

I will never apologize for this. And Carduur's right, it's really hard to draw Aliens! But everyone should do it and be creative :D. I call this one "Pretty Lady" or the alternative, "The Princess is in the Other Castle." That unicorn is so damn pleased with itself. -Shawn