Friday, May 30, 2008

#11ish CARDER

Everybody! Start watching the Aliens topic below! Warning: This isn't the new topic anymore! (But you can still post, it just won't have the hilarious Carder-has-no-idea aspect.) -Shawn

Thanks for all the help and the graduation pictures of us Carder! It's your turn - we made a stealth topic!

Here's my version of Carder. When I thought of how I would draw him this pose came into mind instantly...don't know just did. Also...I put him in the hipster sweater that shawn loves oh-so much as well. I think the proportions might be a bit off on this one...and he kinda ended up exuding the aura of a Bishounen from some Yaoi manga (sorry Carder) hahaha...oh well.     ~Kyle

And just for fun...and cause I wanted to draw something's Carder in chibi form as well. Don't ask me why he's holding up his finger...I don't know myself, my hand just drew it and I went with it...I like it though.  =P     ~Kyle

Honestly, I was just going to draw a picture of a duck and call it a day, but then I figured I should put in more effort. Here's my version of Carder. Enjoy!
- Bryan

All of these are so amazing, you guys. Drawing your friends retardedly is THE BEST!!
My version of Carder looks a little girly but that's okay. Not as much as Andrew's ;D. Thanks a lot, guys, you pressured me into wanting to do color too, so I did a rushed coloring job.

It's Carder....the World's Greatest Soccer Mom!!! Observe how well he multi-tasks. Man, I wish Carder was my soccer mom from the 90s.

In other news, these gel pens are fun! You guys should try them.

In OTHER other news: Carder, I wanna see my caricature!!


If only the others knew what I know...

P.S. Awesome likeness, Lauren.
*errrr... Shawn. What's up with the Lauren drawing? Believe it or not, that comment didn't sit well with me at all after I wrote it, so I've been neurotically checking back for somebody to correct me ever since. Wooo!!! By the by, Carder is playing video games on my couch right now and has no idea about any of this yet. Heh heh...

It's Shawn! Not Lauren. Damn, I should've signed my name earlier. -Shawn

This is a picture of Carder in my favorite Carder-hipster-sweater. I was thinking about adding a unicorn or some rainbows in the background to spice things up :D. -Shawn

Perhaps what he'll look like post-senior thesis? When I first drew him, it looked like the child of Lauren and Carder. -Emily


Carder said...

What the hell! I thought I got emails when new posts were made on this blog! How did this slip by me...?

My first thoughts were "What the hell are they doing? These aren't aliens!!"

You guys made my year.

Carder said...

I vote we do one of these for everyone.

Lauren said...

AGREED!! I would be very curious as to what the heck people think of me in drawing form.