Sunday, August 24, 2008

#16 Gangsters

This one is easy for at least three of us, because Lauren, Carder, and I spent an afternoon the other day drawing a bunch of 'em and watching Flapjack. Have at it.

Two gangsters and a flapper. The gangster with the flapper was an afterthought. The first picture was destroyed by the scanner so I had to do some creative level adjustments. F that.

I combined the last two topics. But my zombie is pretty spritely, I suppose.

Yeahh I'm just posting the ones I already drew, like Victor. So here's my gangster. And bonus policeman!

I will post more if and when, but honestly I think it's desperate measures for desperate times in regards to the blog, so I'm just going to post these guys that I already drew.



Victor said...

Yes!!! Hopefully we have lift-off again.

Emily said...

Woo! I'll do one when I get back!