Thursday, December 4, 2008

Post number whatever, we're reviving this thing....HARRY POTTER

Seriously, guys. This is so easy. Every single one of us has read through the entire series at least three times, right? Right? I know it's not just me. it?

Blast ended skrewt, armless Harry. I don't know why, but I seem to draw HP characters armlessly a lot. You should see all the sketches I did when I was drawing HP characters for this. It's like an arm massacre hit Hogwarts.

Yay! Luna is the best. I totally faked my way through The Quibbler, but that's cool. She looks very content.

Sorry that my post is lacking in gay.

BTW, anyone remember how we let more people post? Sarah Ann would like to be added!


Welp, I am probably the only one who is going to do something like this (unless you guys prove me wrong). So here you go. I also may do more. I used to draw Harry Potter fanart a lot, actually, haha.
Sometime we've gotta do Lord of the RIngs as our topic. We can start covering even more of our nerd bases!


Victor said...

By fanart do you mean illustrated slashfic?

Lauren said...

I NEVER DID ANYTHING EXPLICIT. Because I didn't know the anatomy well enough. I did write stupid fics too though :D Ahahaha

Emily said...

Shawn, if you give me her email, I can invite her. I can't remember if you guys can do invites - but if you can, just put in her email under blog members in the settings stuff.