Sunday, June 8, 2008

#12 Heavenly Bodies...and Andrew

Ok so after that midnight screening, this week's topic is Heavenly Bodies (or, 80s aerobics). Awesome.

Also the animation major to draw is Andrew since he leaves after this week and should see everyone's interpretation of him.

If you haven't posted your Alien, shame on you.

BTW - to the people who just recently started posting, we've been using italics for our captions. I'm easily confused and so that clarifies things. Thanks. Emily.

I hit two birds with one stone... I present Andrew as I imagine he would have looked if he were in the movie "Heavenly Bodies." I'll have my fully finished alien posted soon.
enjoy ~ Bryan

I was inspired by going to that photo booth place. I love sparkles. -Emily

So I didn't want to post this because there is literally nothing I like about it, but I won't be called a hypocrite. At least not yet. I can't draw today. I can't even play video games well today. Maybe I'll upload a better one later. Probably not. Andrew: I'll see if I can't bust out a likeness tomorrow, but if I don't, you always have the graduation one!

Here's some more aerobics action, folks.

Here are mine! Sorry they're not in color (aside from the color overlays). The first drawing is of Andrew proposing to Kristen Wiig (as Target lady). The engagement ring has the signature terrrrget circles on it.

Also, here's my aerobics woman, who is working up a sweat. Look at that vagine, it's a HUGE vagine!

And there you have it. I don't know if I am going to actually do an alien or not.

This is based on Andrew's facebook profile picture, which I find delightful. This was a little photoshop experimenting that got out of hand, but hey, it looks like Andrew! Woo! Andrew, if you cry, I'll have to punch you in the kidneys or whatever. Also, this is repayment for all the gas I probably owe you for driving me around. (Cosmic balance is restored!) -shawn

Soooo, I'm behind on the last post, so I decide to combine forces. Two 80's icons, the aerobics goddess and the Alien, collide in a horrific display. I do not want to be standing behind her at my next aerobics class. Heavenly body she is not.

And since I LOVE drawing them sexy ladies so much, here's an actual heavenly body. She's a perky one...

Consider that last one me. And, Emily. I've never seen a more accurate representation of me. Uncanny. Now where's everyone else's??


My shockingly accurate drawing of Andrew. Basically, I'm finding that I can't draw people I know. So I just draw their cloths and hair and hope for the best. I'll get to Heavenly Bodies soon - Emily

I suppose it's easier to add the pictures above the lead-in paragraph, eh? Anyhow, this is just an insurance policy, so that if I don't post anything more interesting or finished, I at least won't catch any flak from the Carder front. He loves to remind me of my rant a few months ago where I encouraged posting anything, even half-baked sketches and napkin doodles. So here you go:


Victor said...

I am shamed. I also can give no promises to draw Aliens, people in big sweaters, leg warmers and leotards, and Andrew this week. I see maybe two out of three. Maybe.

shawn said...

Victor! What have you been spending your time on, man? I've been sitting on my ass so much that I've got no choice but to finish these topics.

Bryan Young said...

what the hell is "Heavenly Bodies?"

Emily said...

I love the heavenly alien! So good!

Victor said...

I think it's funny that Lauren's dancer is married.

Victor said...

Carder, Carder. I like the leg warmer on her left foot.

P.S. I got my ass kicked like a ninny in Battlefield yesterday too. I did my best, but when people are scoring above 300 - 400 you know you're in for some hurt.

Lauren said...

I didn't even realize I'd put a ring on her ring finger, hahah! I just meant for her to have some jewelry.

Victor said...

If we follow the insect parallel that started with Aliens in regard to the creature's life cycle, it occurs to me that Andrew's is actually a cross dresser. Warriors and drones would all be male, with the only female around being the Queen. Ferbulous.

Carder said...

Victor - try and be more of a nerd. I dare you. I DARE YOU.

Andrew Marshel said...

Victor, I had every intention of my Alien being a cross-dresser. The next stage of the Alien evolution is gender confusion. This one embraces it, so go him/her!

I'm loving my caricatures...SO FAR. Lauren, you captured my ultimate dream: marrying Kristin Wiig AS Target Lady. It's a match indeed! And Shawn's is so darn whimsical. I want to fly with an umbrella all the time to everywhere!

Now where are the rest???

shawn said...

Bryan gets an A++ for best incorporation of Rhianna into a topic!