Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hrm... Number What? 14!

I'm thinking some Lucasarts/film action this week. How's about either Indiana Jones or Monkey Island? Does anybody else want to weigh in, 'cause I could go either way.


UPDATE: Alright you peoples -- vote's in (all two of you) and Monkey Island is toast. The topic shall be...

Indiana Jones & the (?)

Fill in the blank and draw your picture accordingly. Caveat: It is OK to use existing canonical (or not) subtitles if you just want to draw your favorite moment from a movie, extended universe, slash-fiction, or whatever

Well, the concept of trying to be witty and come up with something froze me up.


Carder said...

Indy for me. I haven't played Monkey Island and I don't think many other people have, either. I think King's Quest should be a topic.

Bryan Young said...

I vote for Indy

Carder said...

This topic is giving me so much grief. Why can't I be clever?