Saturday, February 9, 2008

#1 - Chickens!

Chickens are freakin hilarious.

Just edit this post, since you should have access to the blog posts to edit them. Edit, upload, put at least your name in there and you know... whatever you have to say about it. I'd make sure and copy the part of your post with your image and what you write, just in case someone else is editing at the same time, you'll at least have that to paste back in.

I drew some chickens in class that I like, but the scanner is too far away. Here's a painter chicken. -Emily

Do you know how long it took me to find the "edit posts" option? Minutes, I tell you. Minutes. I was very confused.
Here's a sexy chicken:

And here are some things that look like chickens maybe:

I did it! - Shawn

OKAY! Here are my chickens, finally. Sorry they're not all that cleaned up. I have my scanner set up but still no Photoshop :P

Apparently, I was in the mood to draw chickens with eating disorders. - Lauren


Shawn said...

I'm going to get on this any day now, I swear.

Emily said...

I did one, but painter crashed. So I'll do it again. It was such a cute lil' chicken

Lauren said...

Hokay uhh...I totally forgot about this. I SHOULD DO IT!

Victor said...


aries67 said...

Absolutely love the sexy chicken! So much so that I'm interested in something similar for a logo for an event organising business that I'm thinking of. Would you be interested in doing up something very similar for me?