Sunday, February 17, 2008

#2 Cat Lady

Ok, cat ladies this time. Freaking post them this time!

Hey look, I'm the first one to post even though I was the last one last time (except then I realized I wasn't, because CARDER never posted anything). Anyway, here is my cat lady.

Yes, she is wearing leggings. And I am sad that her sweatshirt is covered. I was going to draw a huge kitten on it. Oh well. - Lauren

Don't talk trash about me just because I didn't draw chickens. I feel like my cat lady could beat yours up.

Love, Carder

At first she was really deranged and looked like a crazy lady who'd happened to pick up a cat, but I think she lost that a little bit. She's mostly senile now. Sorry, I think I accidently stole your cat trying to get away a bit, Lauren, except mine is way more docile than yours. :P -Emily

I decided to take Lauren's cat that's liking itself one step further, and I had Lauren's cat lady in mind while drawing this because I'm not creative enough to imagine my own. It could use more slobber. This picture is the classiest thing I've ever drawn, really.

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WAAAAIT!! Before we post the morbidly obese upper crust, I have my cat lady.....who could be a morbidly obese upper crust, too. She's spends her millions on taking her cats to kitty day spas. But they still hate her.



Lauren said...

Aww but I had drawn the chickens, it was just hard to have access to a scanner :(. I'll put up my chickens eventually, I swear!

Shawn said...

Sweet :D. I have the image of the cat lady from the Simpsons in my head who speaks gibberish.

Emily said...

she's AMAZING lauren! Her socks! Her apron! Hahaha

Lauren said...

Hahah I looove the triangle earrings on your cat lady, Carder. AND THE FAT CAT!
And Emily, I thought your drawing was Victor's at first! (this is a compliment, don't worry) I love the cat that's rubbing up against her leg. And don't worry, I'm sure cats all want to get away from their cat lady owners at some point or another.

Victor said...

Somebody re-invite me to this blog. Or just tell me how to post on it.

I don't think I still have that initial email (of course, I've yet to actually look for it).

Funny pictures. Ahaha!

shawn said...

Andrew, your cat lady is adorable with the little glasses and such :D.