Sunday, February 24, 2008

Snobby Fat People

The morbidly obese upper crust

Hey! Victor post! Unbelievable. Anyway, I was going to include a caption, but I'm testing to see if it says what I want it to without one. Soo... here he is.

About posting, my roommate just checked this blog and thought no one had updated the last post because the picture on top was the same and so she didn't scroll down. Perhaps we should make it so when you're adding a new picture to the post, add it at the top of the pictures (but below the topic description).

This is Peg Danishbottom. She inherited her millions from her father's pastry business, Danishbottom's Bottomless Danish, Co. Unfortunately, the business went under when it was discovered that Peg had found the bottom, and had eaten the company's entire inventory. This is why Peg looks pissed...all the time.


For some reason, all I could really think of was someone akin to the Monopoly guy. But with an obese twist. His very fat brother, perhaps?
And let it be noted that I am a huge advocate of very small hats.

I feel like a terrible person *lol*. Apparently, in my mind, I associate 'upper crust' with stretch pants, Louis Vuitton, ugly small dogs, and bad hair. And giant diamonds. Woo! Lens Flare! I drew this just now while sitting around at my internship :D. Sorry for the tiny picture size, Blogger is being a bitch. Edited again: Maybe this will be actually larger this time?

Okay I drew four fat people this week, and I chose my favorite two to display. Please forgive the crappy look - my scanner sucks and I don't have a good enough pen to oh wait, I found a new brush pen. Those suckers wear out so fast. Maybe I'm just extra hard on mine... anyway! Here are some fat snobs that took an obnoxiously long time to scan! You had better freaking enjoy them.

That thing in her right hand is a cheese ball, so you know. It has various nuts on it.

He's not so much snobby as he is happy to have his cake, but I still think he counts.
Sincerely, Carder.


Shawn Lenore Barnes said...

I am going to have the weirdest collection of drawings from this, I think. There's nothing like having snobby fat people in your portfolio!

Emily said...

Cheeseball! Awesome

Lauren said...

Hahah holy crap, the donuts!!
And that man looks kind of like a judge (but I guess people back then besides judges wore their hair like that). Awesome~

gesiku said...

I feel like I should comment since I've now trumped on the order you guys post your pics in. And so I don't feel like such a creepy lurker hiding in the bushes (new topic idea (creepy lurker hiding in the bushes)? speaking of new topics... can y'all please do Carder's T&A? I know it would be awesome. This blog needs more smut).

For the record, I'm very entertained by these. I hope to one day be a snobby fat person. I keep my aspirations high.


Andrew Marshel said...

Shawn, I like your snobby fat person too much. She seems sweet. I want to go shopping with her at the Grove or something. I feel like she would buy me something nice.