Sunday, March 16, 2008

#6 B-Movie Victims

Hey so this is Carder totally bogarting this post from Emily. Anyway, after a lot of deliberation and B-movie watching, Victor and I came up with "B-movie victims" as the next topic. You better freaking post this time. I'm looking at you Andrew, Lauren, and Shawn!

I'm double posting a week late because I was ashamed, and though the girl here totally underwhelms me, I think this one is generally stronger than my previous post. Plus I'm going to see Piranha tonight at the New Beverly, a place I regret not spending more of my undergraduate life at.

Late late late. That's what this is. As Andrew said, it's film/portfolio time. I feel the complete opposite way though, and am incredibly stressed out and therefore have very little time to spend fine tuning drawings (unless they will go in the portfolio) and, well, this one isn't. I'm still not happy with it. It's the 3rd iteration of a better idea, and that just kind of disheartens me. Anyhow, I owe it to the blog to keep it rolling, so here it is.

I'm glad this topic came up right around the same time as portfolio craziness. Do you guys think this is portfolio worthy (definitely click to enlarge)? My B-Movie victim is no victim at all. She doesn't take shit from any man in a cheap robot costume!!


Ok, I'm actually not quite sure what's going on here. Were they chased here by the monster and fell down? Were they making out on the floor and got interrupted by the monster? Where did her shoes go? - Emily

I guess I'm going first. This is my drawing, I guess. I tried to ink and color it, but I suck, so I just left it as a sketch.


Victor said...

Drown in his own excrement... oh the indignity of death.

Carder said...

Why has nobody posted theirs yet? I am furious.

shawn said...

This is a very hard theme! And I'm trying to finish a bunch of stuff for next week. Can we do this one until Weds. maybe? And I vote for something fun and generic for next time like dancing. Dancing is good for portfolio drawings *lol*.

Carder said...

Leave it to you, Andrew, to empower women in the one topic that should have them serve as eye candy and nothing else.

I think this is my favorite drawing of yours so far.

Victor said...

Neato, Andrew. I think it needs one more frame, but that's just me.