Sunday, March 9, 2008

#5 Hipsters

Mostly because I keep drawing hipsters all of a sudden. They're so silly.

HOLD UP!! I have drawn hipsters, and they are tragically hip. I imagine hipsters to be completely indifferent, rail thin and wearing ironic clothes. This girl's never been to Mexico, but she still has a touristy Mexican poncho. Cause, like, you know....


I'm late, but here ya go. I only know hipsters in terms of stupidly dressed girls, but I put a scuzzy looking guy in the background too. This picture basically has every clothing thing that annoys the hell out of me including shapeless shirts, high-waisted pants, and giant sunglasses. I suppose they're actually just fashion victims, but they're hipsters to me. Also, I never get to make Your Mom jokes, so I included one. And I'm standing on a box because I couldn't match the eye lines otherwise.

Funny you mention PBR, Victor. Mine's drinking one. - Emily

This is my attempt at hipsters. This isn't my first go, but I was, like, inspired or whatever by Victor's, so I drew better ones. Sorry for the crappy scan. You can blame my scanner for that one. Not me. Anyway, these two are too cool for school and most hipsters. You might think I stole the headband from Victor's hipster, but in fact, that's the style. Catch you on the flip side, dudes.
- Carder

This guy is by no means the most offensive hipster you'll ever run across (I might have to double post later on...). He'll still bike to Little Joy and drink PBR (fool doesn't even realize Schlitz is cheaper) all night while talking trash on the DJ for not having the new Mika Miko 7".



Victor said...


Carder said...

Dammit, Victor. How am I supposed to compete with that?

Lauren said...

Damn, dude, yeah, I agree with Carder. I don't know how we can top that.
It is an AWESOME drawing though! Holy crap! :o

Emily said...

Damn awesome hipster Victor!

shawn said...

Victor, I don't have a clue what any of that means. Seriously. Those aren't words, right?

Wow, hipster culture just completely confuses my down-home Midwesterness. The hipsters are firmly contained in their own neighborhoods in Chicago, and for the most part, they've been hipsters for longer than hipsters have been hipsters.

Victor said...

Carder, your guys are so sinewy.

We should do a down home good ol' boy or something next time.

I like this project.

Victor said...

I also just realized that so far all of our hipsters have that damn Richie Tenenbaum headband going one.


Why am I not asleep right now?

Victor said...


shawn said...

Yay! Andrew I like how hopelessly depressed your hipsters look *lol*. That poor guy looks like he might wilt :D.

Emily said...

Hahaha, they are wearing the perfect hipster expressions, Andrew